Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Valerie Waters Diamond Celebrity Body Coaching

Several of you know that I've been a part of celebrity fitness trainer Valerie Waters (of Los Angeles) www.redcarpetready.tv over the past few weeks!

I was a Platinum member of her newly formed Red Carpet Ready Club (Fall 2008...www.redcarpetready.com) and under her guidance lost weight and inches and totally transformed my exercising as well as eating habits! My goals were to learn to eat right and exercise properly in order to continue living a healthy life! I had tried other diets/exercise programs in the past that just didn't work. After following Valerie's blog last spring/summer and learning that she was making her workout program available to more than just her celebrity clients, I knew that the time was right for me to get involved.

Over just 6 weeks on her Red Carpet Ready program I was changed! You can follow my video progress on archived episodes of www.redcarpetready.tv My final 'reveal' occurs on Episode 6.

Now that Valerie's new Diamond Celebrity Body Coaching program has kicked off as of yesterday, I'm taking my transformation to as Valerie calls it..."my next level of hotness". The aim during these next 6 weeks is to create more of an 'action hero babe' body that is a bit more fine tuned and sculpted; more tight. Just a bit more muscle definition. Same nutritional strategies just more advanced workouts incorporating more weight and perhaps a bit more cardio.

Although Valerie has decided not to continue on with Red Carpet Ready TV at this time, I am continuing the video journaling of my progress here on this blog in order to (1) keep me accountable to myself and others, and (2) to show the progress of Valerie's program in real time with a non-celebrity client!

Follow me and see how my body changes! I'm keeping this very simple, as being too involved and overextended can lead to stress and thus poor habits with regards to diet and exercise. So, I'll upload my progress videos here and will continue to journal my food intake in the Member forum at www.redcarpetready.com (visable to members only).

If you are ready for a change in your life and one that truly works (see my example) get on board with Valerie at www.redcarpetready.com. You'll be so glad you did!

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