Sunday, March 8, 2009

Guest video -- Music and my bud Giancarlo Guerrero

Although this isn't about getting in physical shape, it does relate to mental/psychological well's about music! And you know I love all kinds of music! Gotta have it when you workout and even when you don't!!

Check out some of the promotional TV spots for the Nashville Symphony featuring my good bud from college, Giancarlo Guerrero (conductor for the Nashville Symphony)....he's such a ham.....perfect for this promotion! (as you may know, I met Giancarlo my freshman year at Baylor University in a percussion ensemble class. Although I majored in business not music, I still took music as an elective and a release! It was so much fun! Giancarlo and I remained good buds all thru college. Such a blast!) I'm so excited that Giancarlo will be in town conducting the Fort Worth Sypmphony this fall! Can't wait!

And, here is Giancarlo talking about his journey from percussion to conducting...

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