Monday, March 9, 2009

Week 7 recap - End of Diamond Celebrity Body Coaching period

Even though this is technically the end of the 7 week coaching period, I will still be continuing on with my RCR workouts and eating. This is a way of life now! Plus, I have a few goals I still wish to attain....(1) lose 5-8 pounds of body fat, (2) lose about 1/2" in my waist,(3) lose about 1/4" in my hips, and (4) lose about 1" more in my thighs. Plus, just a little bit more toning overall to get REALLY firm! These are realistic goals which I have no doubt will be accomplished before summer gets here!

Thanks so much to everyone who has been following along with me on my RCR Transformation! This has been so much fun! Stay tuned...who knows what may happen next?!!


  1. Wow! Well done honey! You did it!! You look great and you sound great! It just goes to show how your inner confidence exudes when you meet these weight goals. You really are glowing, tan or not!

    oh! There is absolutely NO chance your skin is going to sag!! haha! thought it was funny you would even think that at this stage ;o)

    It's been fun following your blog. Thanks for inviting me along. You're an inspiration! I hope to meet my weight loss goals this year too :o) But it will take me a bit longer as can't give up the wine for too long!! haha!!

    Have a drink on me this weekend in celebration of your achievements - congrats!

    Anna xx

  2. Wow Mary Beth. You have done so fantastic and should feel so proud of your achievements. I've loved watching your videos and following along on your journey. Hope you keep doing them. Have a great time in LA - such a shame I won't be able to meet you in real life. Even though I kind of bombed out of the Diamond Club I'm still motivated by what you've achieved and hope to one day follow in your footsteps :-).


  3. OMG! You look amazing! You totally rocked the program. I am so proud. I love the Cosabella top you bought. I have one too. Jen wore it in DareDevil.