Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer Challenge Round 2 Begins - 07/20/09

Week 1 Day 3 07/22/09


  1. Hi Mary Bess...I'm kinda new to RCR. I bought the book about a year ago. I did a few workouts, but dropped out. I have recommitted myself to a full 6 weeks. You are a real motivator for me. I lost 3 lbs and 8.75 inches in my first week! Not bad for a beginner, huh?

  2. Hi Shari!

    Good for you on getting back on board with RCR!! How exciting to see results in your first week! That is a huge motivator to keep in going!

    I appreciate your kind words! I'm still plugging along, trying to reach some new goals. This is my way of life now...eating well and being consistent with exercise! And it's not so bad! Life can throw challenges at us but it is all up to us as to how we respond and react! Having the tools from Valerie's RCR program really is key to success!

    Stick with us during these next 6 weeks as we work through the summer! We can do it!

    xx Mary Bess