Monday, November 30, 2009

Countdown to Christmas with 25 Days of CLEAN EATING! Day 25

There are now 25 days until Christmas...why not count them down by focusing in on clean eating??!! Maybe even drop a few pounds and continue with good health habits along the way! Join me!

**I got my apple pie stories switched! Meant to say "Anne" instead of "LeeAnne" here, although both tossed their leftover Apple pies, Anne was the one who actually looked at the ingredients and changed her mind! Sorry!
**Also, be sure to include healthy fats in your diet....I failed to mention this in the video!
**One last disclaimer, when I say I got grossed out by the unshapely/unhealthy people, it wasn't the people themselves, as I'm sure they are good people, but the fact that they are not taking better care of their bodies made me think of the junk they are eating and that grossed me out!


  1. LOL, your cat is so cute in the background. I love the challegen MB, and I am with you on clean eating through Christmas!

    Sheila |

  2. That's Ok MB - I threw my apple pie away too - but it was home made and I would have eaten it :D


  3. No worries MB - I threw mine away too, but it was homemade and would I have eaten it :D Oh and Love that you are video blogging again !!!

  4. Hi MB,

    Great video. As always you are a real inspiration to me, and I am definitely going to do my best to eat as clean as possible in the lead up to Christmas.


  5. Sheila-- Thanks! Relish is quite the stinker...he follows me every where! He loves snacking but we have to watch it or we'll have an overweight, unhealthy kitty! So glad you are joining me in this little clean eating challenge!

    LeeAnne-- Thanks girl! I love the video journaling but it can be time consuming...I'll try to be better about posting!

    Libby-- You are so sweet! Thank you...I try to lead by example where I can! Yes, just focus and think of all of us in the RCR club who are eating clean during this crazy, dazy holiday time of eating and we'll manage together!

    xx Mary Bess