Saturday, December 12, 2009

Day 16 and counting down...

I have been so super duper busy the past few days that I haven't had a chance to get in here and post my daily self-affirmations! However, that doesn't mean I haven't kept up with them!

Day 16 --I am thankful for my hands and arms. Where would I be without them? I spoke with a woman today who happened to work in the building next to our downtown convention center where currently there is some type of convention going on for challenged persons. She was in the Starbucks that services both buildings and there was a gentleman in there who did not have any arms. He was going to town on his PDA with his feet and toes! She told herself that she just had to go meet him...she did and she asked him about his situation. He said he was born without arms and has managed to live his life as productively as possible without them! Nothing, or next to nothing, holds him back. He was the motivational speaker that afternoon at the convention! Can you imagine life without your hands/arms? Not being able to do the basics or even touch and feel? I am so thankful that I have mine and try not to take them for granted!

To be continued....

Update: 12/17/09 Things have been so super crazy this past week that, although I have been continuing in my 25 Days Countdown to Christmas with Clean Eats, I have had to take things off my plate that were slowing me down...and unfortunately that included 25 days of self-affirmation! I do know myself though, and know that one trait I do have is saying 'no' when I need too. I don't like feeling stressed out if too overwhelmed so I have to 'clear my plate', so to say, and just do the things that I [I]CAN[/I] do effectively. So, even though I'm super thrilled I started off with a bang I am sad to end 1/2 way through. Maybe another time!

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