Saturday, January 30, 2010

New 2010 Diamond Club 2 -- Week 2 Day 5

I am just now getting around to posting a blog entry while being in this new Diamond Club 2 by Valerie Waters. The new year has turned out to be busier than ever so I'm not finding as much free fun time to create the videos. But I need to try! It keeps me in line!!

Here is my 1st entry on this journey---Week 2 Day 5


  1. Way to go on getting you binder finished :-).
    That green smoothie looks great - love the glass!


  2. Hehehe....thank you Libby! Gosh, seems like it took me forever and a day to finally get my binder organized!! I feel so much better much easier to choose a RCR workout to use!

    You must try the Green recipe is in my journal on the forum. So tasty!!

    xx MB