Wednesday, February 17, 2010

02-17-10 Wednesday Day 3 Week 5 Diamond Club 2

Today is about 1/2 way through Week 5 on Valerie Waters's Diamond Club 2. I'm in the process of continuing to add more veggies to my diet and trying to go a bit more 'raw'. Eating veggies hasn't always been easy for me...ever!! But I know they are so good for me and so I'm really making a huge effort to get more in and enjoy them!

Here is a photo of my lunch from 2 days ago....will probably make it again today. It consists of sauteed fresh and finely chopped baby spinach, brocolli, orange bell pepper, mushrooms, plus black beans, ground flax seed and some Tony Cashere's Creole Cajun Seasoning. Topped with scrambled 1 egg + 2 egg whites and about 2 tbsp roasted red pepper salsa! So filling and so delish!!

Have a great day everyone!

xx MB

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