Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy, Healthy Valentine's Day!! xoxo

Today, in lieu of giving caloric chocolates for Valentine's Day, I made a new concoction by my favorite chef, The Healthy Irishman....Gavan Murphy. It's called "Simple & Healthy Flourless Chocolate Cake". I made Version A, as there is also a Version B, and it was divine! The batter made enough for one 12-count mini-muffin tin plus a 3-4" heart tin. I served with diced fresh strawberries and a tiny melon ball size scoop of frozen non-dairy coconut milk. What a tasty and healthy treat without breaking the bank! Thank you Gavan!! Cheers!

You can find the recipe on Gavan's website


  1. I love that you made it into a heart shape. It looks brilliant.
    I'm glad you got your 'healthy' chocolate fix today.

  2. Thanks Gavan!! Yes, I almost forgot I had these tiny little heart-shaped baking tins (I don't bake as often as I used to!) and found them perfect for this yummy, healthy recipe!!

    Thank you for getting me back into the swing of things with easy, healthy, TASTY recipes!!

    We had your Veggie Tortilla Soup with added grilled fajita chicken meat last night for awesome on a cold winter's day! And, even better tonight for leftovers!!


  3. MB - this looks amazing and I am going to make it in a few weeks - since I kinda did all the chocolate I can do ... FOR AWHILE. The pictures are amazing too, looks really yummy!

  4. Hey Anne! Thanks girl!! Yes, you should definitely try this one...I need to make another batch! Very good with fresh strawberries and blueberries and maybe even a touch of yogurt for a nice little snack! I just love trying to 'capture' the photography!