Friday, May 7, 2010

05-07-10 Day 5 Week 3 MB's "Tighten & Tone" Challenge

Here I am nearing the end of week 3 of 16 on my little personal "Tighten & Tone" Challenge. So good!! I've really been watching what I eat, with a few little treats here and there (which, honestly, need to stop if I want to see results sooner!) and have been keeping pace with my exercise.

I'm kind of doing a mixture of things....Food (loosely following Tosca Reno's Clean Eating), Exercise (of course, working Valerie Waters' workouts....soon to come, her new "I Want My Bikini Body 3.0" Circuits) and then for pacing, I'm loosely following Rachel Cosgrove's "Fit Female" as a guide, increasing effort depending upon the week of the month. So, we'll see what happens.

Also, I've started my own little Sun Saluation Challenge for the month of May. For each number of the day (say today, May 7th) I will do that many Sun Salutations. So for today's count I'll do 7 salutations. By the end of May, I will be doing 31 salutations at once. This will help me in preparation for my yoga studio's "108 Sun Saluations" Class in June, where we work through 108 salutations in a row!! Holy Cats'! But hey, just think how toned my arms and core will hopefully be!

I just got a new Flip Camera so I will hopefully be having an easier time with my video really helps keep me out in front and accountable in my actions if I "think" others are watching. Who knows how many people read this blog or not....even if only 1 person is, then I feel like I have to be good!! :0)

Ok, gotta run. Heading out to dinner tonight...will be sure to make RCR-friendly selections!

Have a great weekend everyone!

xx MB


  1. Hi MB,

    I'm still here and reading. Can't wait to see some more videos. I'm getting ready to head back home to the forums so you should see me around a bit more :-). I actually just read the last few pages of your RCR thread this morning and it sounds like you're doing amazing - in spite of a few hurdles.


  2. Hi Libby!

    Yay...I'm so glad you are still here, following me along my little journey!! Thank you!!

    And yes, I'm still doing well despite a few hurdles that are just a fact of life, eh?! This weekend has been crazy busy but I hope to read through the directions on my new little Flip video camera and get some vids shot and edited for next week. My other HD video camera takes GREAT video but it is kind of a hassle as I have to convert it to regular format, then upload to YouTube, etc. A bit more time consuming. My sister has a Flip cam and says it's super easy to use and their editing software makes creating little fun videos with music very easy to do. I hope to be a bit more creative with these!!

    Stay tuned!!

    Hope your holiday has gone well. Have you made it to London yet? I realize I didn't get back to you on places we had visited there. I think everything you had mentioned are places we had seen and of course, I just LOVE London. You really can't go wrong with anything there!!

    xx Mary Bess