Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Week 2 Day 3 - Workout, Snack/Water, and The Blue Jean Dilemma

Today's workout
(**I must work on not saying 'um' as much!! Sorry! Ha!)

Today's snack and water

The Blue Jean Dilemma


  1. thanks for the tip on breaking up water intake. i am struggling with water. but your idea makes sense. i'm working on 80 a day, so i guess that's my 24 oz(labeled) water bottle filled 3 x's(breakfast, lunch, dinner?) + 8 oz(could easily be used for a protein shake).

    Sorry to hear about the pant dilemma. Hope to be there soon myself(as I only have 2 pants in my "goal" size--1 to 1.5 sizes away)

  2. You are welcome Mindy! Yeah, you'll get there...the jean dilemma! Keep drinking your water, it really does help!!