Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Action Hero Babe photo shoot!

Finally, here are some of the photos from my very own Action Hero Babe photo shoot! My sister Nell ( was my photographer and she did such a great job! It is so much fun working with her and I felt completely at ease! Lots of laughs that's for sure!!

We did two sessions....the Workout Session, taken at my house with some of my gym equipment, and then the Downtown Fort Worth location shoot, taken around downtown Fort Worth. The fun colored walls in some of the shots belong to a series of buildings that include this radical tattoo shop! So cool!

My AHB shots are more along the lines of Jennifer Garner in Alias, I'd say. My 'weapons' are concealed!! LOL!! I'm undercover.....ha!

Thanks again Nell for making this so much fun! I've tried to narrow my favorites down as best I could....there were so many!!


  1. So many wonderful photos. You look beautiful, fit, radiant and very happy.


  2. Thank you Libby!! So sweet of you!