Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lunch today at the Love Shack So7

Today I ate lunch at a new little place in town (it's actually a 2nd location for this joint) that opened this summer called the Love Shack So7. I have been putting off eating there because, well, you know, it's not completely RCR!!! But, I haven't had a good, juicy, fabulous hamburger in well over one year now and I was just dying to try it's such a cool, hip little joint in the middle of all the new renovation that is happening out over on West 7th Street. Plus, I was hoping to meet the owner, celebrity Chef Tim Love!

So I decided to work the cheeseburger into my diet for the day and made my way over there. I had the incredible "Love Burger" with its incredible Love Sauce, with a small fry (only ate about 1/3) and iced tea (with splenda). Oh my gawd!! It was soooo delicious!!

And, I got to meet Tim Love and grab a photo with him! He was super nice and I chatted for a few minutes with his assistant Marla too. He just got back this weekend from Austin City Limits music festival where he served over 10,000 Love Burgers and cooked and enjoyed private dinners of long bone rib-eyes, pig ear salad and cocktails with Ben Harper, Perry Ferrell, Eddie Vedder, Kings of Leon, Pearl Jam, C3, etc.. He'll be out in Anaheim later this month cooking for Tiger Woods' charity event, with Sheryl Crow headlining as well. Busy man...gets around!

I'll have to go back one yummy! See, everything in gotta live life (but be sensible!)

xx MB

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