Friday, December 4, 2009

25 Days of Self-Appreciation....

I am joining my friend Sheila Viers in adding some self-appreciation to my 25 days countdown to Christmas....check out her blog post at

How can we love (appreciate) others if we don’t love (appreciate) ourselves first?! We as women, especially, can be so hard on ourselves…we beat ourselves up because we don’t accomplish everything in a day that we want to, or we don’t love our bodies as they are this minute (we take for granted that we can eat, laugh, breathe, walk, run….even if perhaps we still have a few pounds we may want to lose), etc., etc..

So, to get caught up with my own 25 Days of Self-Appreciation let me state what I’m thankful for now:

1) I’m grateful for my health…I am healthy and vibrant and can do so much for myself and others!
2) I am grateful for my corny sense of humor….this helps me keep things in perspective and not take myself or situations too seriously, which I can tend to do sometimes (many times in fact!! It is so good to laugh!!
3) I am grateful for my age….I only recently turned 41 and feel I am at the best time in my life!! Having a few years up in age has garnered me more wisdom and self-assurance…not too bad, eh?!
4) I am grateful for my legs (they are still not 100% trim and toned like I’m working on them to be but they work! The get me out of bed in the morning, on the treadmill, out the door, jumping jacks, etc.! Where would I be without my legs? I do not take them for granted at all, especially after seeing someone on my recent vacation to Sedona, AZ who had had both legs amputated below the knees and with metal prosthectics in place. They were still out hiking which was so awesome! So, that really puts things in perspective…I’m grateful for my legs!)

Okay, that catches me up through day 4 (or really, Day 22 counting down…)

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